About Us

Concierge Service.
Personal Reps.
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The ProScripts' Game Plan

The success of ProScripts is found in our game plan.
We built our company from the ground up, starting with personal relationships and delivering on our promises. We understand that training rooms are the triage center of the sports battle that is fought on the field, court, or ice. The commanders of training room need necessary inventory, sometimes on a moment's notice. Our experience and ability makes ProScripts the team that answers that call with no excuses or timeouts. On the rare occasion that we commit an error or fumble, we are sure to drop everything and make corrections.
Our pro and minor league clientele seem to agree with our game plan and have worked us into their own game plan for a winning combination.

The History of ProScripts


In 2014, Matt Nagel sold his stake in a pharmaceutical venture and launched ProScripts, with a total of 10 professional teams as clients at the start (6 MLB, 3 NBA, 1 NFL).


ProScripts focused its early years on growing its footprint in Major League Baseball and by the end of 2017, successfully expanded to servicing 27 of the 30 MLB teams.


ProScripts implemented a plan of growing it’s footprint in the NBA and NFL to match its MLB success. ProScripts hired a key employee in this effort, former athletic trainer for the Buffalo Bills and former head athletic trainer of the Washington Wizards, Corey Bennett. 


Scripts launched its proprietary ordering and inventory software known as OneTeam, which quickly proved to be a well-liked efficency tool for athletic trainers and organizations as a whole.


ProScripts market share reaches a new hign with a client list that includes over 90% of all MLB teams, over 60% of all NBA teams, over 25% of all NFL teams, over 15% of all NHL teams, and many of these organizaton’s minor league affiliates.


With further plans for growth in existing and new markets, ProScripts is proud to announce that we have only just begun!


ProScripts expands its services to NCAA teams in all major sports, prompting the opening of a new, larger fulfillment facility.